“Saving the world, one video at a time.”

Google Indonesia - Kepositif

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Google, together with Melati, encourages us to be more curious about our environment and be #Kepositif.

Client: Google Indonesia
Creative Agency: Romp.

BPKH Tailor

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
Sakdiyah is a tailor. With her current job, it’s hard for her to go on pilgrimage. It takes determination and hard work for opportunities to arise.

Client: BPKH
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

2021 Inclusive Internet Index - Indonesia

Directed by Abrian Maulana Azmi
A video that we shot in Kupang for Facebook’s The Inclusive Internet Index. The Inclusive Internet Index is an attempt by Facebook and The Intelligence Unit to measure internet availability, relevance, and readiness in different countries in the world.

Client: Facebook
Creative Agency: Agency Charlie

Pegadaian Social Experiment

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
When you have financial issues, would you trade your memories as a solution? Pegadaian can help you solve your financial matters without losing your memories.

Client: Pegadaian
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Pegadaian Emasku

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
Kubil is a fisherman. Knowing that his job is full of risks, Kubil decided to have a gold savings service provided by Pegadaian for his family’s future.

Client: Pegadaian
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Gojek Safety Riding

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
Gojek asks us to make a short video about safety riding tips so people will be more comfortable using their services.

Client: Gojek
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Cerita Isuzu

Directed by FIKRI (Creative Director)
Isuzu would like to thank all their loyal users and capture all their stories in this one video.

Client: Isuzu
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Asuransi Astra (Cerita Farrel)

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
#AksiMudaIndonesia is a movement by Asuransi Astra that invites young people to start their social actions.

Client: Astra
Creative Agency: Anatman Pictures

Sprite - Lebih Dikit

Directed by Shuhaery Faiz
At this moment, It’s not a wise choice to leave the house and hang out with our friends. It’s okay if you feel lonely, but there are many activities you can try to spend time together without leaving home.

Client: Sprite
Creative Agency: Berakat

Ka Sa'o: Daur Hidup Rumah Adat Ngadha

Directed by Abrian Maulana Azmi
TRAILER – Ka Sa’o: Daur Hidup Rumah Adat Ngadha

Co-Production: Anatman Pictures x Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia
Creative Agency:

Telkomsel - Papa Metal

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Being the daughter of a metal dad is sometimes hard for Janis. But no matter what, Janis always loves her dad.

Client: Telkomsel
Creative Agency: Leo Burnett

Samsung Galaxy A8 ft Eva Celia

Directed by Mahatma Putra
What’s our purpose in life? Eva Celia searches for her purpose in life through a piece of paper.

Client: Samsung
Creative Agency: RedComm

Ayo Bangun Indonesia #UntukBangsaku

Directed by Mahatma Putra
This heartwarming video for Indonesia Independence Day powered by GO-JEK, was a Finalist for Film Category in Citra Pariwara 2016.

Client: Gojek Indonesia
Creative Agency:
Anatman Pictures